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U-Step 2 Walker is now available at C.N.Y. Medical Products


The U-Step 2 Walker is different from other Rollator Walkers in that the braking system works in the opposite way. A normal Rollator walker has hand brakes that allow the user to pull when they lose their balance and stop the wheels from moving. With the U-Step 2 walker, the user must pull either of the handbrakes, or both, in order to allow the wheels to rolls. If the user feels as if they are losing their balance, releasing the handbrakes will lock the wheels into place and the walker will not roll, allowing the user to regain themselves.

7 Wheels

The U-Step 2 Walker also has 7 wheels as opposed to a standard walker or rollator walkers 4 wheels. This gives the user more stability and better control over uneven surfaces. The Seat provides a place for the user to rest if needed, and includes a small storage pouch for belongings. It has a 375 lbs weight capacity, only weighs 20 lbs, and folds easily to fit into a car trunk for transport.

The user can adjust the rolling speed of the U-Step Walker by loosening or tightening a set screw that will provide resistance to the rear wheels to a more comfortable walking pace.

Different handle options are available such as the Platform Model for users with weaker upper body strength, stroke patients, or brain injury.

The Press Down Model is ideal for those with weak or no hand strength to squeeze a standard hand brake.

The optional LaserLight addresses a particular symptom: freezing gait, a condition often associated with Parkinson’s patients that inhibits leg movement due to neurological rather than muscular factors. The laser projects a bright line on the floor; this visual cue provides a stimulus that overcomes neurological-based freezing in most cases.

The U-Step 2 is not typically covered by insurance providers, however, we are dedicated to giving you the best pricing available and exceptional customer service during and after your purchase. Contact us for more information.

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