Lift Chair Recliners

Liftchairs March 2019

Visit our showroom to experience what a Power Lift Chair Recliner can do for you. We offer both Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility Lift Chairs that are both based out of Pennsylvania. 

Local Advantage

Purchasing a Lift Chair Recliner through C.N.Y. Medical Products versus a large furniture store has some great advantages. Being a Medical Equipment Provider, purchasing a chair from us is Tax Free and could be used as a medical expense write off at the end of the year.

Free Local Delivery and Setup

We offer Same Day Local Delivery within 30 miles of our Showroom on in stock models if purchased by 2 p.m. We also offer Free Local Delivery & Setup on Custom Ordered Lift Chairs. Online companies and furniture stores may charge anywhere from $50-$250 for Delivery & Setup. Online companies may also advertise Free Delivery, however, many times this means a Freight Truck will drop a pallet containing your equipment in your driveway, they won’t bring it in the home, and they will not setup the equipment inside.

Unmatched Service

Our service department can come to your home for a small fee to repair and perform any warranty repairs you may have as opposed to other furniture stores that would contract the work out to other companies.

Our staff will work with you to find the most comfortable and affordable solution for your needs. We can custom order your chair to fit your body type, medical diagnosis, fabric style & color preference. Plus, custom order any special features that may benefit you such as Heat & Massage, Power Headrest Support, Power Lumbar Support or Trendelenburg positioning to elevate your legs higher than your heart and head for multiple health benefits such as edema relief.

Use the Zero Gravity Features on select models of Lift Chairs to relieve back pain and pressure on you’re spine. Developed by NASA, the position was designed for Astronauts to sit in during take-off to aid the gravitational pull of the Earth. Many Lift Chair owners and users who suffer from back pain find sleeping in the position to be far more comfortable and tolerable than sleeping in their regular flat bed at home.

Lift Chair Rentals Available

We offer Rental Lift Chair Recliners on a monthly basis. Rental chairs are perfect for use after major surgeries such as Open Heart Surgery, Back Surgery, Knee & Hip Surgeries. Or Simply for minor injuries that you may not feel comfortable laying in your regular bed or furniture for a short period of time.

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