Billing and Insurance

Our Billing Department will work with you and your insurance provider to determine what coverage you may have for certain equipment. Unfortunately, the Medical Insurance world has changed drastically over the last 10 years and insurance companies are not covering items that were once normally covered. Reimbursement rates have also dropped significantly and in many cases the reimbursement rate may even be lower than the cost of the item. This has forced Medical Equipment providers to offer less items, services, and smaller service areas.

Insurance Providers will require multiple doctor visits, physical therapy appointments, and our Assistive Technology Professional will also visit your home to do an evaluation to determine if your home is wheelchair accessible. It is also required that the home have a ramp or that a wheelchair can enter the dwelling before an insurance company will even approve of a mobility device. Ramp systems are not normally covered by insurance companies and will most likely be an out of pocket expense.

There is also a new process called Competitive Bidding that will impact 65% of the U.S. population. Competitive Bidding forces Medicare Patients to only go to one provider for all of their medical equipment needs, and in many cases, limits what they can receive. Medicare Patients will also have to pay the 20% on top of your deductible for the year. Dealers that did not win Bids cannot bill Medicare for the products you are trying to obtain. For more information on Medicare Competitive Bidding and to find local providers go to

Many customers are choosing to purchase their own equipment to avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with an insurance provider and the multiple doctor visits required. It can also take months until you receive your equipment. When purchasing your equipment out of pocket, you may be able to have the equipment the same day, if it is in stock. If we need to order your equipment, you will be able to choose the best equipment for your needs and it may take only a few business days until you receive it.

Our staff will work with you to find the best solution for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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